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Immersion side-by-side alignment

Hi! I finally finished my French tree today, so it's time to spend more time in Immersion, which I've been neglecting for awhile.

I really like the way it's laid out now, and the side-by-side view of both languages is really cool. However, I think it needs to be changed slightly so that it ensures the paragraphs are aligned in this view--as it is, the farther you scroll down, the more misaligned the two sides become.

This is probably something the Duolingo people are already aware of, but I thought I'd suggest it just in case. Keep up the great work!

June 29, 2013



I agree, adding more spaces between paragraphs in the "both" view would work as a fix. So the start of every paragraph would be aligned in each language


Let me just add that a button along the side that is always visible to switch between the two languages would be nicer than the buttons at the top. I find myself scrolling way up, switching, and then scrolling way back down to find where I was.


I wouldn't want for the articles to be changed from what they would normally look with extra spaces to line up everything. A good fix would be that in the same way as you hover over any of the text it automatically highlights that particular sentence and the coresponding translated sentence, that it at the same time automatically aligns (brings up or down) the other side to match up with what your reading.


I agree! It is supremely annoying when I am trying to type my translation, and the original is off-screen. Duolingo needs to create a feature whereby a user can attach and define "anchor points." You place one anchor point in the French, then place its partner in the English, et violĂ --the two anchor points are aligned.

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