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  5. "I buy the other half."

"I buy the other half."

Translation:Ceannaím an leath eile.

November 11, 2014



In "go raibh maith agat" I always hear "hawgit" at the end.


Is there liaison in Irish, like in French? If a word ending in "th" is followed by a word beginning with a vowel, does an unwritten "h" get added to the second word when speaking aloud?


Irish does have examples of sandhi (liaison being one form of sandhi) — e.g. the copula is is typically pronounced as if the S were broad, but it’s pronounced slender in cases such as is ea, is é, is í — however, to my knowledge, unwritten H sounds aren’t among those examples.


Thanks for the answers! For the future, then, I'll assume that final consonants don't generally mix with following vowels.


I've never heard anything about it.

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