How do I pass a checkpoint?

November 11, 2014


You pass each checkpoint by completing each of the lessons inside of the checkpoint area. Once you pass it, the circle will change colors. It changes from grey to orange! I hope that helps!

It does, thank you! I thought I had completed all of the lessons. They all say "redo". So now I just "practice" more?

Yes! It will say "Redo" If you have completed it. Now just practice more until you feel confident that you have memorized all the words. After all, practice makes perfect!

You should be able to move on. You could "practice" more or there should be more below the ones you have already completed. Hope this helps.

A small correction. It actually changes from orange to grey, not the other way round. Till the point some skills are left before the checkpoint, the option Test out of X skills will be available. After completing all the skills, this will become greyed out as now nothing more is left to test out. Instead it will read Checkpoint passed.

I don't mean to make this into a huge argument, but that is not accurate. Once you begin a section, for example, Animals, the circle changes from a grey symbol to a color picture. After that section is complete, it will change colors once again to a bright orange.

I guess what you are referring are the skills and not the checkpoints. In the whole Spanish course, there are only 3 checkpoints.

I'm so sorry! I thought that you were referring to the skills. Yes, then you were right. There are only 3 checkpoints, but there are many skills. The skills are the things that turn orange after completion, and the checkpoints are the opposite. I was thinking wrong. Again, I'm sorry.

No need to feel sorry. We are all here to learn. I just wanted to correct the small error in your statement.

I have just started learning Spanish and am very enthusiastic at present. How can I move from Basics2 to Food, which is currently greyed out? I just keep on repeating the Strengthen Skills section, but cannot get access to Food. Is there some magic number of times that I have to repeat the Strengthen Skills section.?

In order to move on to Food from Basics 1, you will need to complete each of the segments inside of that skill. Once completed, that skill with turn orange and you will be able to move on. Hope this helps!

Thank you. I have just discovered that one of the previous sections was not ticked. Now that I have completed that and got the tick all is well. I never thought of looking at my previous lessons! Thanks for putting me right.

I also wonder about the checkpoints. The checkpoints are all gray, with the statement "checkpoint passed", both for the one where I have completed all the skills for that section, and also for upcoming sections where I have not yet done anything. In other words, there does not seem to be any recognition of passing any checkpoint here (maybe it does not matter?)

I am at Level 5 in the Intro, Phrases, Travel, Restaurant, Family, and Shopping sections at the top of Duolingo Spanish. Level 5 is the highest, why is the checkpoint still grey? Do I have to do all the practices? The new format has so many practices (like 36 or 48)They are very repetitive and so boring after you have learned a skill quite well.

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