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"Ele pediu que eu passasse o sal."

Translation:He asked me to pass the salt.

June 29, 2013



He asked that I passed the salt? Wouldn't people say instead of this phrase as the following: He asked me to pass the salt. ?


Yes. Much more natural, but they insist in literal translations


I'm not sure the literal is correct either though. Wouldn't "He asked that I pass the salt" be more correct?

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You are correct Domi25! He asked me to pass the salt. Accepted by Duo today 3 December 2013.


"He asked that I passed the salt" is incorrect. The verb "ask" allows both the infinitive form or the subjunctive construction in AmE.

He asked that I pass the salt.
He asked me to pass the salt.



K, this "literal" translation stuff is bothering me. This is not literal anything. It is just bad grammar.


As I read many "pedir que" sentences: Can I circumvent the subjunctive if I avoid the "que"? Like "Ele me pediu para passar o sal."?

At the moment I have the impression that the subjunctive is one of the most important things in Portuguese grammar and that I have to use it in almost every conversation.


grasping the subjunctive is obviously very challenging, I still struggle and been living in Brazil nearly a year. If the subjunctive is for "uncertain" things or "unknown" actions why do we use it here? because of the word "que"? it's the trigger? He actually asked so it's not uncertain/unknown. I think this is highly formal and nobody would actually say this...thanks!!!


Yeah. "Pedir que" requires subjunctive.

  • Ela pede que eu entregue o projeto. (present)
  • Ela pediu que eu passasse o sal (past)


help me please when is pass or passed???


I think the main difference in these type of sentences is that "passed" is used for conditional : " If I PASSED the salt, he could cook a better rice" . On the other hand, "pass" is used in an indicative conjugation


He asked that I pass the salt. (subjunctive uses "base verb", not the past tense)

He asked me to pass the salt. (indicative, uses the infinitive form)

The subjunctive is more formal. It's unlikely that it would be used in this particular example.


I also put passed and not pass. Incidentally ,I do notice that my Portuguese friends are quite keen on using salt in their cooking! But that being said, I am a poor cook.


Olá, tenho uma dúvida aqui : Por que não posso falar " Ele me pediu que passasse o sal" ao invés do que " Ele pediu QUE eu..." Tem alguém que possa me ajudar, obg !!


Pode. De acordo com a gramática "Modern Brazilian Portuguese Grammar":

• Ele me pediu para passar o sal. (neutro)
• Ele pediu que eu passasse o sal. (formal)
• Ele pediu para eu passar o sal. (informal)

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