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  5. "You have the suits."

"You have the suits."

Translation:Jullie hebben de pakken.

November 11, 2014



"You have the suits" can be translated as plural "jullie" or singular "jij", and both would be perfectly valid. Duolingo MUST indicate, when asking in English, which of both they are referring to, otherwise this is a waste of time.


Why not je heeft?


Because that is not correct, jij/je is the second person singular and that uses the conjugation hebt. Heeft is used with third person singular Hij/Zij/Ze/Het.

However, if u had been used then that can use either

u hebt, u heeft

Both are correct


Why is "Jij hebt de pakken" not correct here?


Wasn't it? Perhaps it has to do with the fact that there's no contrast, therefore there's no need to use the emphatic pronoun. Anyway, I wouldn't say it's wrong per se, unless you were doing a 'type-what-you-hear' exercise.


Singular and plural answers should be acceptable.


Why it is written het pak but de pakken?


De is used for the plural of both de woorden and het woorden.


Why is it 'heb jij de pak?', but 'jij hebt de pakken'. Shouldn't heb have the same konjugation?


That is just the rule. For jij/je when the verb comes before it (as in asking a question) the -t is removed

Jij hebt Heb jij

Jij bent Ben jij

Jij gaat Ga ji


I read above, but I am still not understanding. Why can I not use "je" here? Is it because pakken is plural?


No, it has to do with how you conjugated the verb. It's always a good idea to share with us what your exact answer was, so that we can explain better. Otherwise, we can only guess.


It can be singular too!


was this one glitched for anyone else? the dictionary hover was in english when i was translating from english for some reason. i reported it, but i'm just checking in.


What is the correct answer for this one?


People have commented on this years ago, yet it still isn't changed. Now that's what I call ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤.

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