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New game mode: Survival! And leaderboards

Hey! I was playing Skelly Archer (a pretty addictive survival shooter) on my Windows Phone, and I came up with a small idea. Why don't you add a game mode called "survival" to Duolingo?

I would work like this. It will be available only to the users who has reached the end of the skill tree(so everyone will be at the same level). Each language is going to have its own survival mode (well, of course).

In Survival mode, you will have to complete and infinite amount of exercises of all kinds. There is going to be no timer, and you are going to have three hearts. Everytime you complete an exercise, you will gain 1 point. Everytime you make a mistake, you will lose a hearth. Once you're out of hearts, the game will end, and your final score is going to be the number of exercises you got right. To make things more interesting, there is going to be a leaderboard for all the survival players. The leaderboard is going to reset itself every month, to allow new users to catch up. Being on the first ten places of the leaderboard will make your earn an amount of skill points everyday, so you will have to fight to defend your position on the leaderboard.

Don't you think this would be a good idea? It's, in my opinion, an amazing way to improve your language, since competition makes everything better!

June 29, 2013



Thats a cool idea. They could have timed survival too


I think this is a great idea!


Perfect to abuse. I can just pull out my google translate and never be wrong and get an absurd amount of points.


That sounds like so much fun

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