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Rejected Translations II

Okay, I'm sorry I keep whining about this, but I just can't help myself.

It's happened again. I submitted a translation to a sentence that has not yet been heavily translated, and the machine hated my result ("I'm sorry, chubbard, but your translation sucked! I'd advise against it, but I suppose you could try another sentence or something. Loser."). That's fine. I'm good with that part. The part I'm whiny about is this. The current "best" translation was crap, and the system seems to have hated my effort so much that I can't even see or rate the handful of other translations that were offered. The way the system is set up now, it appears that if the first few attempts happen to be whatever nonsense comes out of Google, there is no way for authors of perhaps improved translations to rate the dross down, or (presumably) for those improved translations to ever percolate to the surface. What gives?

October 6, 2012



Can you post a link to the sentence you are translating. I would like to take a try there.


Sure! This is the link to the translation page for the article.


The actual sentence I was working on was this one from near the end...

"P.S. Mir geht es natürlich noch gut und ein Twinkie hat mir gereicht."


It took my translation. What was yours?


I went with... "P.S. I'm still doing fine, but one twinkie was enough for me." I'm not actually particularly happy with this translation, especially with my in ability to incorporate "natuerlich" in a way that I thought sounded good (I ended up leaving it out). Still, I thought my effort at least beat Google's ("I am talking, of course, good and a Twinkie was enough for me.")


P.S. I'm still doing fine, of course, but one twinkie was enough for me.

There you've got the "natürlich".


Hey! Well done! Why couldn't I think of that?

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