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I have finished skill tree at Spanish Level 12+. How do I continue?

I would like to continue in Spanish. I have completed the skill tree but it shows I can continue to Level 13. I see other people with higher numbers like 25 and 31. How does one get to that level? I am interested in the translation portion, but I can't find how to do so on this site. What am I missing? Thank you!

June 29, 2013



You can do four things to keep earning experience points. The first one is to redo the old skills. You can either choose the one you may wanna improve, or perhaps start again from the beginning of the skill tree. By doing so, you will make your language foundations stronger, while earning skills points and experiences. The second one, is to do timed practice. You can easily do that by clicking of "start practising" on the home screen. Timed practise is going to make you think and translate faster, which will result in you improving your skills even more. Plus, is going to give you points. The third one, is to make your words stronger. Click on the "vocabulary" tab on the upper section of the site. You will see a list of all the words you've learned so far here in Duolingo, and right next to them there is a bar which indicates how much you've used that word. Then, click on "practice weakest words" and duolingo is going to give you exercises that involves the words you use the least, and by doing so you will memorize them easily. Plus, points for you! The fourth one is, as you stated, translations. It's very easy. Click on the "Immersion" tab, on the upper section of the website. There, you can choose between "Popular" and "new" translations. Click on either of the two, and then choose an article. You will see the article, now all you have to do is to click on one sentence and start translating. This is going to give you skill points. Once you are done translating that particular article, click on "done translating" on the left side to claim your points.


Heaned, your answer was very helpful. Thank you for being so detailed. I will copy it and try it all out. Thanks again!


You are welcome!


"Practice all skills" and "Practice weakest words" are actually the same.


Didn't know that, sorry then.


31? I thought the cap/max was 25 atm.


Yeah me too.. Also, I would like to know what happens to your streak when you reach this.. Do your points go up infinitely, or do they just not get counted.. Does your streak reset? Would be interesting to know.


Check out what heaned has to say. It's very informative.

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