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Website tends to lag when scrolling or clicking buttons.

This isn't a serious problem, but I figured I'd mention it incase it might help the improvement of Duolingo in the future.

The website noticeably lags specifically when I scroll (words list, discussions, down the tree, etc) and when I click on buttons (sometimes I need to click a button multiple times and there's a noticeable lag).

I have a pretty good internet connection and a decently fast computer, so i'm assuming this would be a server-side issue. Anyone else notice this issue?

November 12, 2014



Can you tell me what browser/OS you're using? Thanks!


Windows 8.1, 64-Bit Google Chrome


I also find the same lag when I use the microphone sometimes


I for one thought it was client-side, because I use duoling at home in an old netbook and slow connection and at moments it is really frustrating. But at work, with a decent computer it runs ok, albeit I still see some lag.

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