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How to improve the Irish experience

Hi. I wanted to know if I can offer some suggestions on how to learn Irish. I am doing great so far, but I am having trouble visualizing the correct pronunciation of the words the further I go along. Is there a way look at both the word itself, as well as how it is broken down phonetically? Also, unlike the Spanish, there is no way to slow down the speaker. And, whenever pictures are displayed, there isn't a voice activation sequence whenever you press the picture. Finally, there should be a way to display the list of words that indicated a sort of rating. Meaning, words that I tested well should be displayed with a positive rating or color, while words that I am struggling to spell correctly, including having the accents, should be lit up as a different color (like red). And as I learn new words, the list of words that I have covered gets longer. This would be especially useful for the ipad version or something, so that I can learn on the go.

I know that Duolingo Irish is still in the Beta state, but I really want to do well. I don't know why, but the format is something that I am really enthusiastic with. Maybe add a gaming part as a practice? Anyway, keep up the good work!

November 12, 2014



You may find reading the wikipedia page on Irish orthography helpful.


go raibh maith agat!


The two things I found really helped with spelling were that the fada identifies the pronounced vowel, and slender with slender/broad with broad (that you see mentioned all over the place:-) ) Vowels can serve two functions—they provide a vowel sound, but they also determine the pronunciation of the consonants. So one 'set' of vowels will not be said (as such). Once those ideas really sank in, spelling became significantly less scary:-) Words really don't look random now:-) Oh... and the other thing... if there's an 'h' there, all bets are off:-) Things are kind of strange around 'h':-) Irish doesn't use TTS (text-to-speech) like the other languages, all the voice is a Real Human. They were not able to record all the sentences, and certainly not everything at two speeds. So there is apparently a recording of every word—but not in every instance.


go rhibh maith agat. :-)

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