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  5. "Hun er en smuk kvinde."

"Hun er en smuk kvinde."

Translation:She is a beautiful woman.

November 12, 2014



Smuk reminds me of schmuck in German which means jewelry and smag means flavor, which in German is geschmack. Are these somehow related?


I'd guess so. Danish is very similar to English, which is a Germanic language, so possibly.

Fun fact: English is similar to Danish as Danish vikings often travelled to England to pillage. (Excuse my spelling mistakes, I was born in America but I spent my whole life in Poland :/)


Fun fact: Many danish often settled in England as the soil was more fertile and the churches offered a lot of wealth to steal. There have been four Danish kings that ruled England. Also there were just as many Norwegians that raided England...as Well as the Welsh, the Irish and the Scottish. It is known in as the Saxon times...pretty much 300 years of barbarism before the real life game of thrones era! ;)

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Well, the saxons (and the angles too) were germans. They settled in britain before the vikings. Another fun fact: one of the viking towns was Yorvik, now called York. Which may explain some of the attitude of New Yorkers :-)


Well, New York was settled by the Dutch and was called Nieuw Amsterdam. So I guess the attitude is more Dutch ;)


What do you mean ? Dutch are very nice people. I guess the attitude is american


Thank you so much for the information :D and you spell as a native ;) don't mind


"schmuck" does even exist as an adjectiv in German (though it is a bit antiquated). For example "ein schmucker Kerl" - "a handsome guy"


Absolutely. They are basically the same word. "schmuck" can be used as an adj. in German. Also, when referring to the verb "schmücken", (to decorate), you could say "Der Weihnachtsbaum ist geschmückt." (The christmas tree has been / is decorated). This sounds almost identical to the "t"-form of the danish adj.: "Hans hus er smukt." (His house is pretty.)


smuk = jewelry-flavored


I thought of as "smoking" as in she is smokin' hot.


Smuk does not sound like it means beautiful


...walking down the street


If I want to say "She is beautiful" do I use "smuk" or "smukt"? Like, "Hun er smuk" or "Hun er smukt"?


Hun er smuk - Det er smukt

But : Hvem er hun ? Det er min smukke kone


I was given translations of beautiful and pretty. I wrote "She is a pretty woman" and I was marked wrong. Am I missing something?


Heard four syllables, none of which was an "en"

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