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  5. "Spring is a season."

"Spring is a season."

Translation:Forår er en sæson.

November 12, 2014



Forår er en årstid.!!!


I heard the same from a native speaker once, when I tried to use "sæson" referring to winter. I was told that only "årstid" should be used, and "sæson" is for TV series and such.


It's not at all clear why "ForårET er en sæson" is not acceptable. I cite: "Foråret er en sæson af nye begyndelser . Det bringer en mulighed for at starte forfra"; "Foråret er en sæson af blomster"; "Foråret er en sæson af nyt liv, både bogstaveligt og billedligt".


Forår er ikke en sæson men en årstid.


Foråret er en sæson. Would that be possible as well?


I think it's just like it is in English. "The spring is a season" sounds different than "Spring is a season", so they are both technically correct, but not the same. What you are saying is the translation of "The spring is a season". Someone correct me if I'm wrong; I am not a Danish expert.


I would aggree with that but in previous examples, both versions with and without "the" have been accepted like synonyms. Here they are not. What's that all about, Duo?


What's the difference between et and en? I always wander what to put -.-'


"En" is common gender and "et" is neuter.


En/et = a To know witch one to use you can always but it behind the substantive. And if it sounds stupid, it is the other one. Example with: a house. En hus? Husen? Et hus? Huset! So it is et hus and NOT en hus


Try to put en/et behind the substantive and if it sounds stupid, it is the other one

Example: a house En hus or et hus? Husen or huset? Huset!! = et hus


Neither of those sounds intrinsically stupid. As in all languages, grammatical gender must simply be memorized.


What is wrong with årstid?


"Årstid" is an accepted alternative.

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