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German sentences wrong way wrong the "verbs" the "conjugations" is there any tips?

is there any tips on how to read german sentences as it seems to be wrong way round compare to english sentences and i was wondering if there are tips for me to read it easily or where do i start to read it do i read from back to front or in middle or at start need help of understanding it i dont seem to get the idea of it would most appreciate it

October 6, 2012



The simplest way of writing a sentence in German at your level is this,

Subject Verb Direct object

An example that you will come upon or already have is, "Ich mag deine Zeitung", which in English means "I like your newspaper"

Ich/I = Subject

mag/like = Verb

deine Zeitung/your newspaper = Direct Object

It is possible to change the word order as Ich will always represent the subject so that you can have sentences such as,

"Deine Zeitung mag ich"

However the verb always come second unless it is a question without a question word such as "Gehen wir zur Kirmes?" which means "Should we go to the fair?" As a general rule, when you ask questions you switch the subject and verb.


The easyiest way to read it would be to red only the words, and not to see as a sentance, then piece them back together in a way it would make sense.

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