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  5. "Katten tog fat i musen."

"Katten tog fat i musen."

Translation:The cat grabbed the mouse.

November 12, 2014



Why is "i" necessary?


"At tage fat i" always goes together to indicate that you are grabbing something or someone. There's not much use trying to give a reason why, it just is the way things are. Also possible, "at tage fat på" is used if you are beginning something. For example, "Jeg tager fat på noget" means "I am starting something."


Thanks. In that case, I think the "i" should be part of the "tog fat"-translation in the dictionary.


I think of this as "Took hold of," which helps me remember it. I don't know what "fat" means on it's own, but thinking about it this way explains the preposition "i"

  • 1696

Fat resembles the dutch 'vast' (which is used in the same context), which means 'fixed' or 'attached'.


Also related to English ‘fast’ (in the sense of a fast door, not a fast car) and ‘fasten’.


Tom and Jerry anyone?


I thought "caught" also worked?

[deactivated user]

    Yes, I am sure in other examples caught is accepted for tog i fat


    Hej! What it the difference between "at tog fat i" and "at fik fat i"? Anyone, please?


    I think "fik fat i" is to catch. "Tog fat" is to grab. Grab and hold as opposed to catch and let go.


    No matter what I type in here, it says it is wrong. I even copied the suggestion exactly and then it tells me to do something else. It repeats forever. Not sure what else to do.

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