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  5. "Betjente har heste."

"Betjente har heste."

Translation:Officers have horses.

November 12, 2014



"betjent: fra tysk Bedienter 'tjener', afledt af bedienen 'betjene'" ah this makes it easier to memorise.


Also "i am being served"="jeg bliver betjent". "the service"="betjeningen".


Is this "officer" like a police officer, an officer in the military, or both?


"Betjent" as a noun would refer to police usually. I think there may be some uses where "officials" of various kind use the word "betjent" in their title, e.g. Kirkebetjent (an officer of the church? or perhaps rather a servant of the church?) but they would rarely use "betjent" alone then as important context would be lost. Technically I suppose "Politibetjent" is the correct title for officers of the law.

For a military officer one would use the word "Officer" in Danish as well.

It is an interesting comparison with the German "Bedienter" that oppikoppi points out, since the root of this is to denote "one that serves" in some capacity or other.


Once again, just technical problems with these kind of speaking excercises. Should be fixed!!

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