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This unit is inadequate..

This unit in particular, but also a great deal of the skill tree, should still be in beta. The number of mistakes, in both English and French, is astounding. I'm disappointed.

October 7, 2012



I agree that this unit needs some rework. I am French and I can't even pass it as many alternative translations are not accepted.


The French course is definitely much rougher than the Spanish. I had about five years school and two at uni for French, versus one year night class in Spanish ( both a long time ago, unfortunately ! ) and have spent more time in France than in Spain, but in Duolingo I'm two levels higher in Spanish, while in French I keep getting flunked out for what are often not mistakes.


It seems that the last few units could use a good deal of editing. There are many inconsistencies (e.g., some translations accept "this" and "that" as translations for "cela," and others only accept "that"), unforgiving translations, and errors.

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It seems like a year has passed and this particular unit still hasn't seen any love. Has it been forgotten entirely?


two months since this post, still crazy difficult. The English translations are completely inconsistent from one sentence to another. I don't even find hard the French translations (I'm French), but the English choice of tenses is... aléatoire.


I agree. I am a native French speaker and I have hardship finishing that skill...


'..I have trouble finishing..' or ' ..I have difficulty finishing...'. ' Hardship ' is more for when you're starving out on the street. ' I found it hard finishing .. ' is fine though. :-)


Just adding to this thread: I have absolutely loved Duolingo, and getting this far, it seems a ton of the problems have been ironed out because each section I find helpful and unproblematic (for the most part). What little problems still exist are easily reported and moved on from.

This unit was terrible. I do not even know where to being in suggesting alternative English sentences. I resorted to committing the answers to memory just to fill out my tree. In truth, all of the latter verb sections need some sort of explanatory note before hand, but this one also needs revamping entirely.


In most units so far, the major complaints are from some 11 months ago and most have been fixed in the interim. Not so in this unit - it is still raw, inconsistent, unforgiving and peppered with errors. Having finished it, I cannot claim to know passé subjonctif any better, merely to have memorized a bunch of strange sentences.


Just adding my voice to the chorus asking for some re-examination of this unit. It remains riddled with grammatical errors and inconsistencies! I have not had much difficulty moving through the rest of the tree, but I have failed this lesson so many times already, it is quite discouraging.


not that anyone is listening, but yeah . . . this unit sucks.


I love Duolingo but this section is a hot mess.


I agree. This unit is utterly useless.


I agree. So far I have managed to pass all units without additional help, but I have done this one 10 times and keep failing because of ridiculous errors. I've just signed up for the Summer course at the Alliance Française... hopefully that will shed some light regarding this verbal tense.


I managed to pass it after a few attemps, so I'm not complaining. I would appreciate it if there was a bit of theory/explanation with all these different tenses. I can figure out quite a bit myself but not everything.


sooo frustrating

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