"It is really me."

Translation:Sono veramente io.

June 30, 2013



I posted 'È veramente io'. That was corrected in: È veramente me.

So, it is either, 'it is me' (è me) or 'I am I' (sono io) and NOT 'it is I' (è io) ??

Did I get that right?

March 27, 2014


Yes I'm confused. Here, it says ...io is correct. But in the lesson ....me was considered correct. Hmmm. Has anyone reported this?

April 4, 2015


I did the same thing. I thought that earlier in the lesson it said it was right.

July 14, 2015


Are davvero and veramente interchangeable?

December 11, 2013


Is this right? In English "I am really me" and "It is really me" (though technically it should be "I" not "me") aren't quite the same thing, but in Italian they are?

November 12, 2013


Good remark. Hopefully, somebody will be able to answer

October 2, 2015


Why is "Veramente sono io" not correct?

June 30, 2013


Adverbs generally follow the verb and since "veramente" is an adverb it has to go after "sono".

For more rules regarding adverbs check this: http://italian.about.com/library/fare/blfare139a.htm

June 30, 2013


Of course, there are times when emphasis is achieved by not following the "general' rule.: e.g. the first great Italian novel I Promessi Sposi (ch. 24, para. 9): "- No, no, - rispose don Abbondio: - son io davvero: fatevi coraggio. Vedete? siam qui per condurvi via. Son proprio il vostro curato, venuto qui apposta, a cavallo..."

October 25, 2013


what does that mean?

November 3, 2013


"No, no," replied Don Abbondio: "it is indeed I: take courage. We are here to take you away, see? I am really your curate, come hither on purpose, on horseback..." The whole of Manzoni's novel is available online with the Italian in a column on one side of the screen and the English translation in a parallel column on the other side. The little passage I quoted can be read at http://ercoleguidi.altervista.org/manzoni/psch_24_1.htm. (When I read the book years ago, I was not using this version, so the paragraph number is different.; in this version it's paragraph 15.)

November 3, 2013


Could we be productive and stick to the topic on hand?

April 4, 2015


Why is "Sono io davvero" not correct?

September 14, 2014


Shouldn't "sono veramente io" translate to "I am really me"?

May 16, 2015


the given answers are è davvero me. and Sono veramente io. Can anyone explain why " È davvero io" is marked incorrect as both davvero and veramente are adverbs that have the same meaning

September 12, 2016


Yeah, I'm wondering the same thing.... Davvero and veramente are basically interchangeable, so why would the construction of the sentence change based on which of those adverbs you use?!

May 4, 2018


... Continued.... When I got to "Sono veramente io, where they wanted the English translation, the only listed dictionary hint for "io" is "I"; so out of curiosity, I wrote "It is really I (which is actually grammatically correct English), and it was marked wrong, indicating the correct translation for "io" as "me". What is up with that?!

May 4, 2018


I wonder if "Sono veramente me" is also acceptable.

February 8, 2014


As we are saying 'it is', why is 'sono' correct rather than 'e (accent)'?

February 1, 2017


Not sure "It is really me" is good grammar but commonly used. "It is really I" sounds odd although "It is I" seems OK. As for the suggested "I am really I", well ...

July 13, 2018


OK - I wrote e veramente io, and was marked wrong, although others seem to have been marked correct for this construction. Or have I missed something?

October 6, 2018


Richard, I think, from what I am reading above, that the two correct answers are supposedly 'Sono veramente io' and 'è davvero me.' I wrote the same thing as you. But according to my Webster's New World Italian/English dictionary 'veramente' and 'davvero' are both adverbs and are synonyms. So why would the sentence structure change depending on which word is used? Not a clue! Several people have asked for clarification and none has been forthcoming.

November 5, 2018


Yes, interesting. Will try to research this elsewhere.

November 7, 2018


why can't you say: E (accent) proprio io???

February 6, 2015


all the suggested answers are wrong, you should correct this.

June 22, 2015


Although I used the word given (as a hint) fa, I was incorrect. Why?

February 6, 2018


I put 'Io sono davvero io' and it was mark wrong. Non capisco.

May 8, 2019


So, "'Io' sono veramente io" is not right either - I must try 'Sono "davvero" io' without the first 'io'.

May 8, 2019
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