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Microphone check

I've gotten to level six french without using a mic because I didn't have one and I was able to use one today and I'm not so sure its necessary. Each lesson has say fifteen questions which you can only get three wrong, which is difficult as your learning. If you throw into the mix the, say and repeat questions, then that's one less hard question you get asked and the whole thing becomes easier. I mean if they say it and I just have to repeat it, thats pretty easy. What do you guys think?

Are there any written phrases that are not vocalized, that you have to say in later lessons?

June 30, 2013



Thats weird because I always had the microphone from the first level


I've never used the mic on my computer, but I've noticed that enabling the microphone questions on iOS makes the lesson add questions rather than replace existing non-microphone questions. So where normally you would have 15 questions, you now have 20 (15 regular + 5 microphone). Since the mic questions never reduce hearts, it's not easier overall, just takes a little longer to complete.


I wish this were true. I just did a test and opened up the same lesson twice, once with the mic setting on and once off and check how many questions there were at each setting and unfortunately they were the same. I'm going to keep doing the lessons with the mic, hoping it at least replaces the easy multiple choice and drop down questions. I let you know.


I did a comparison of the types of questions you get with the microphone option on and off and the results are questionable. The good news is the amount of listen and spell questions which I find to be the hardest, stay the same. The microphone questions do look like they replace french to english translation questions, which to me are the third hardest questions. The muliple choice questions stay the same. And since microphone questions do replace questions and are questions you essentially can't get wrong it does make the whole thing easier. Even so, it is important to practice pronunciation. I don't know whether to continue with the microphone or not?

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