How do you get a trophy for a lesson group/box without having finished all the lessons?

June 30, 2013


Click the keyhole and complete the quiz.

I've done that before and it make the box gold with the trophy. I think its just when your out of practice it turns the box back to it original color and the gold bars aren't filled.

No idea what you're talking about :o

Well I think I figured it out I just need verification. On the home tab there is what they call a tree, to which boxes are attaches, within which are lessons. When you finish all the lessons in a box, that box gets a little trophy on its top right corner. I, up til now have all the boxes for which I finished all the lessons for, colored in gold instead of whatever color they opened up as. So when I look at other peoples home page and I see boxes not colored in gold, but with a trophy it made me wonder. Now I'm thinking as time goes by and you lose practice with many of the words learned in a particular box it'll go back to whatever color it was and keeps the trophy.

Now I also see people with boxes without trophies that should have been won so they could progress as far down and they have?

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