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  5. "Det er lige meget."

"Det er lige meget."

Translation:It does not matter.

November 12, 2014



I said "It's all the same" because that's normal idiomatic English.


So did I, and i'm not English but a native Danish speaker


What does this literally mean?


"It's equally much". I think it comes from measuring, as in 'there is equally much in either cup, so it doesn't matter which one you give me'...


"Six of one and half-a-dozen of the other" ??


I would give a try for: "[it] [is] [equal] [very much]"


"It is just very" or something like that.


My danish boyfriend says 'it is equally much'


It depends how you pronounce it. To say "it doesn't matter" you say it fast, as if it's one word. If you mean "It is equally much" you make sure to pause between the words.

Also, the last phrase is usually used to talk about measurements, like "there is equally as much sugar in this cup as in that one", so telling one meaning from the other is very easy once you look at the context.


Maybe that's what it literally means, but "It is equally much" is not correct English.


My Danish friend says in her dialect (near Copenhagen) 'lige meget' doesn't mean 'the same' or 'equally'. Just 'just' and 'doesn't matter'.


It depends on how you pronounce it. I live in Copenhagen too and I see what she means. If you say it fast, like you usually do, the phrase means "It doesn't matter". But if you slow it down and make sure to pause between the words, "lige meget" can mean "equally much" or "the same amount". It just isn't used that way very often, as it usually refers to comparing the amount in one receptacte to another. And in that case the phrase would be "Der er lige meget i..."


Why am I even trying to learn this language! AAAHHH!!!

[deactivated user]

    Is this meant to be a fixed expression?


    I have answered this one so many times and it keeps saying it's wrong. I've even copy/pasted the answer from the box and it still says it's wrong. Does anyone else have this issue?


    My Danish husband says it means, "It's okay."


    I doubt if that translate into "it does not matter". To me it much more to " it is equally much".

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    "lige meget" is used to express that something is unimportant or meaningless within the context of the situation, and so the best translation that comes to my mind for "lige meget" would be "to not matter"


    In German we sometimes say "gleichviel!" (one word) with the same meaning. For "the same amount" we have to say "gleich viel"..

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