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Immersion: How to chose an earlier edit as preferable

When editing on Immersions we are presented with the last version. Sometimes, however, one of the previous versions might sound exactly right. Isn't there a way to indicate that I find the earlier version preferable i can't seem to figure out how-aside from rewriting it which would be plagerism.

June 30, 2013



You can click on it and then click on the button at the bottom that says "Revert to selected translation".


Many thanks I never noticed that choice. It's learners helping learners that make D, tops.


I wish it was possible to add a comment when reverting. When I try to add a comment after, it won't save it unless I also change something.

Also I wish that the original author's name was listed on the new version. As it is now, there are two identical versions, one at the top with my name and one lower down with theirs. Since it looks the same as if we just pasted in their translation, I guess maybe that's a better way to do it, since that way we could add a comment.

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