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"Kvinderne har små hunde i deres tasker."

Translation:The women have small dogs in their bags.

November 12, 2014



Are små and lille synonyms? Or is there a specific time to use each word?


It's my understanding that lille is irregular and that små is the plural (-e) ending.


Out of fashion by now :D!


could "tasker" mean bags as well as purses?


Typical Americans...


A sense a fan of satw - at least one person on the internet gets your reference.


Denmark has Chiwawas?


I wrote that the women had the small dogs in their 'handbags' at first and it was marked as wrong. The picture they showed for the word tasken initially was definitely a handbag. It was not just a bag, which in English can mean any kind of bag - e.g. plastic carrier bag, rucksack, briefcase, garbage bag are all types of bag, but not what is meant here, I think. I think that the answer is incorrect and will report it, but what do other people think?

I'm interested to know if there's a difference in how Danish uses the word tasken. Does it have the general use I mentioned in English which would apply to any type of bag or does it mean specifically a handbag?


Sound like Beverly Hill to me :v


Well the bags should be big then ;)


How cute. In my city we do this to take our dogs on the subways

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