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  5. "Pigerne spiser kød."

"Pigerne spiser kød."

Translation:The girls eat meat.

November 13, 2014



the audio is horrendous.


does kød sound like /køj/?


I don't think so. I've been reading about Danish phonology and, apparently, they have what it's called aproximant consonants. In the case of this word, when pronouncing the letter "d", it's like if put your tongue behind your upper teeth, but you don't actually "pronounce" anything. Our foreign ears think there's no effect, but there is. Ending a word like this slightly changes the way the emission of the vowel ends. I might be completely wrong. That's just an impression. Let's wait someone else's answer.


That's right, it's the so-called soft d, although the tongue should go behind the lower teeth otherwise it becomes an l...being a foreigner myself it was one of the most complicated sounds for me to replicate and I still have trouble placing it in fast sentences (the classical rødgrød med fløde that danes like to make us say ;-D)


Reading the comments really help with words in the future such as "bøf" and "kød"


I'm sorry, maybe it has already been asked elsewhere, but why is it "eat" and not "are eating"?

[deactivated user]

    "Spiser" can be "eat/eats" or "is/are eating"

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