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Word strength/weakest words still not working

Here's a specific example: when doing timed weakest words practice in German, i constantly get sentences with the word "Glas" (perhaps ten times just today). I always answer them correctly, but after training "Glas" does not appear in the list of strengthened words. So I check the vocabulary page, and "Glas" doesn't appear at all among recently trained words either. So I search for it, and find that duolingo lists eight forms of the word (which are really just two forms: "Glas" and "Gläser", duplicated five and three times respectively). Three of these lack example sentences and are all listed as full strength. The rest are all listed as one bar strenght only, although I'm sure I've done some of the example sentences recently, or at least very similar ones.

And I think this is just one example of many.

June 30, 2013



OK, this should be fixed now. Let us know if words are still not updating...


I am still having a problem that sounds similar to what is being reported by others here. For me, the problematic word is the French verb connaître. Every day it falls to one bar, and I cannot ever get it over two bars. I'm tired of seeing that word every single day when I go to practice my weakest words!

Today, I decided to go to the page for the word and practice it over and over again in isolation to try and get its score up, but to no avail. I got to the point where all the different forms on the page (connaissiez, connaissait, etc) are at four bars, but the word itself is still at two.

Some relevant things I've noticed:

  1. When I practice the word now, the session consists of only 8 sentences, instead of the usual 20, which I had never seen before.
  2. The "You strengthened n words!" page after the practice session shows connaître at four bars.
  3. If I go to the main vocabulary list and sort by decreasing strength, connaître appears quite close to the top. It has four forms, all of which are "connaître", but are from different lessons. All were last practiced "a minute ago" and have four bars.

I hope this helps you track down the issue. Please let me know if you need any more information.


OK, there is a bug on the vocab page that sometimes displays the wrong bar-strength. In this case "connaître" is in fact at four bars, but if you click on the vocab page for it, it only says two. We are trying to figure out why this is... but rest assured that "connaître" and all its forms (including pluperfect) are at 100% for you right now, I checked. :)

Note that this bug does not affect the practice feature, as far as we can tell it is limited to the display of word strength on the vocab page.


Aha! I can actually scroll down to my three-bar and even four-bar words now! I guess I hadn't done any practice since the bug was fixed two days ago, so it seemed like it was still there. Thank you for fixing it.


We made a change last week that should have fixed this, but apparently not for some older users. I think I've figured out the problem and should have it fixed by the end of the day.

By the way, the reason you see so many copies of "Glas" is that the spelling is the same for different cases: nominative, accusative, and dative. If you look at the sentences you'll see that they are grouped together by case... although we don't explicitly say so. So the vocab page needs work. :)


OK, good!

Yes, I assumed that was the case. The grouping is a bit weird, though... For "Gläser" (plural) there are only two groups with example sentences, one of which are nominative, the other accusative. Now, there are never ever any difference between plural nominative and plural accusative in German. So if I've mastered one and know a tiny minimum of grammar, there's no way that I'm not going to know the other as well––which makes it seem very wasteful to have to repeatedly train it separately for every single noun in the database. (If the groups instead were plural nominative and plural dative it would make some sense, since those actually can be different. But for every word I've checked it's always plural nominative and plural accusative.) (I suppose the same reasoning could also be applied to a lot of the verb forms that Duolingo treats as separate: if I know one, plus some basic grammar, it is extremely unlikely that I won't know the others as well.)


When things work properly, we actually do this kind of grouping, so you shouldn't have to practice each word form separately. The bug you experienced has to do with this, in fact: all the specific forms of "Glas" were getting updated, but not all of the more general forms. It so happens that the one not getting updated was the one we were trying to get you to practice. :(

But as I said, this should be fixed by the day's end. Thanks for your patience!

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I'm also finding that certain words are refusing to strengthen today. I tried doing timed practice but was unable to get full bars on all lessons, on one of the occasions that I timed out it told me I hadn't strengthened any words and to keep trying, even though I know I got at least five answers correct during that practice. I then tried to practice the problem words individually, didn't make any mistakes, got the "congrats, you strengthened _" screen, but upon returning to my list of vocabulary (and refreshing it, and then opening it in a new tab) it still says I haven't practiced the words for months. It seems to be working properly for most words but there are a select few that are being temperamental.

I only noticed this problem today but it may have started earlier as I've been struggling to keep up with deteriorating word strength lately even though I feel like all I do is try to strengthen weak lessons and words. The problem seems to be only with German, Italian has been working normally: with a little bit of word/lesson deterioration but without preventing me from completing new lessons because I have to spend all my study time refreshing old skills.

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