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The lesson is not teaching me all the words it says it will

In the Food skill, lesson 3, I did not learn the words tráta, talún, or marteoil like it shows. I redid the lesson, and tráta was added at the very end, but not marteoil or talún. Is this a problem for anyone else?

November 13, 2014



I've noticed this too. I tend to repeat lessons a few times to make sure I get all the vocabulary and for the extra practice.


I repeated it four times, and tráta came up twice and talún and marteoil not at all. Whereas bia came up several times in each lesson and anraith, which is from a different lesson in the skill came up a fair number of times. Maybe it will be different tomorrow?


Hmmm. It's very possible that people (such as myself) are missing vocabulary without realizing it.


su talún

don't stress they will come up a billion times as you move forward.


I suspected as much. Thank you!

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