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Translation edits disappearing

If I attempt to edit one of my own translations it initially appears as if the edit has been saved but then if I leave the page and come back to it later, or click on 'edit' again, it once again shows only what I wrote originally. So it looks like the edits aren't being saved at all.

Does anyone else have this problem...?

October 7, 2012



Actually, I'm not sure that edits do disappear. While ranking, I've noticed that sometimes there will be multiple submissions for a sentence from the same person, and it appears to me as if these are the original attempts as well as edits that the person has submitted. I wonder then if edits are accepted and added into the pool of candidates, but your original version never leaves the pool, and is the only version that is displayed when you go back and look at your earlier work. I have no way to verify this of course, but it does seem to me like edits are at least sticking around in the candidate pool for others to see and rank.


Coincidentally, an auto-mail I just got confirms your theory.

The auto-mail says that my translation "All about vitamin C!" (Tout savoir sur la vitamine C!) is the current best translation. However, in my editing window I still see my first erroneous translation (Everyone knows about vitamin C!) no matter how many times I edit.

That all the versions are saved is actually a cool feature, so I propose two courses of action: 1. Upvote this topic to make it more visible. 2. I will try to get the feedback through that the edit window should show your last version, not your first (although I still assume this to be a bug, not a feature).


Yep, I have the same problem on my end.


Sometimes yes other times no. I appreciate you expressing your observation. I will be more observant. If spell check was available for answers it might encourage more expression.


Same problem here. Edits don't seem to stick!

As for spell check, my browser appears to spell check my translations automatically as I type them. My trouble is, for whatever reason, my browser (Firefox on Linux) seems to think I speak British English, and continually insists words like "color" should be "colour" for example :) But I'm used to it.


@chubbard Rightclick on any text box>Languages> Choose English(US), or add a dictionary https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/language-tools/ if it's not there


Awesome! That's perfect, Kelvinsong. Thank you.


Same problem here, can't save the edits to translations. I just created a new thread on this, hoping someone from Duolingo will look into it: http://duolingo.com/#/comment/62567


Hope they will finally fix this. Seems like they either don't care or are very understaffed, because I haven't gotten a single reply to the feedback I sent.

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