"Le sorelle di mia madre non mangiano pollo."

Translation:My mother's sisters do not eat chicken.

June 30, 2013



Why it's di mia madre instead of della mia madre?

March 13, 2014


because della=di+la and in case of nouns indicating family members in singular we do not use the article before the possessif pronoun

April 17, 2014


I am not native english. "My mothers sister" is she. So why it´s not "doesn´t"?

Sorry for the question about the english grammer here.

March 16, 2017


The subject is le sorelle ( 'the sisters') therefore the verb needs to be in the 3rd person plural ('don't').
All grammar questions are welcome :-)

March 16, 2017


Thanks. After 4 times wrong now I have seen the plural.

March 16, 2017


Sorella = sister (singular) Sorelle =sisters (plural)

October 17, 2017


"Doesn't" is used in the singular form only. (example: 1:My mom doesn't eat chicken 2: She doesn't eat chicken 3: My friend doesn't eat chicken) Don't is used in the plural form or in the second person. (example: 1: Our priests don't pay taxes 2: My gay brothers don't use protection when fighting zombies 3: You don't have to report me, this is only educational!)

December 13, 2018


Why can't I use "aunts" instead?

June 30, 2013


Because that's not what it says.

October 4, 2013


I agree. the English nonliteral translation of my mother's sisters is my aunts. Unless there is a word in Italian that means aunty

December 20, 2017


[EN] Aunt \ Aunts  = [IT] Zia \ Zie.
[EN] Auntie\Aunty = [IT] Zietta.
But, they could be either your father's or your mother's sisters, so...

June 9, 2019


How would you distinguish between the aunts on your mother' side from the aunts on your father's side?

July 1, 2013


The same way you just did in English: "le zie da parte di mio padre" and "le zie da parte di mia madre" :-)

September 17, 2013


You would say my maternal aunts or my paternal aunts. Otherwise, English does not make a distinction between sisters of the mother and father.

July 29, 2018


I have just two questions:

1 - Why can't this poor chicken have a minute of break?; 2 - In what cases I cannot use the possessive form with ('s) ?

June 27, 2014


The apostrophe comes after the s if the noun is plural. So you would spell it as my mother's sisters, and my sisters' mother. Or if you have two mothers you might spell it as my mothers' sisters.

November 1, 2016


Mum is not a spelling mistake! It's british english!

April 23, 2015


mum is a translation of mamma, whereas mother is a translation of madre

November 1, 2016


It may sound silly, but im reading " the sisters of my mother do not eat chicken" if thats wrong, then please correct me. Cheers

March 28, 2016


I read "my sisters mother do not eat chicken"

June 22, 2017


when do you use an article before a noun I wrote il pollo

September 8, 2017


Why can't we translate as follow : "The sisters of my mother do not eat chicken" instead of "My mother's sisters do not eat chicken" ? I'm French and for me both of them works,no?

May 15, 2019


Both of them technically work but I think they want you to make the connection between the "di" representing the " 's " in English. In English, it is much more common to say "My mother's sisters"

May 27, 2019


How do we say my mothers sisters instead of sisters of my mother? It just seams so extra complicated

February 15, 2014


That's how Italians say it! They use a lot of words!

February 22, 2014


Why is it 'My Mothers sisters' instead of 'The Mothers sisters' I thought Le was used with plural feminine words?

August 17, 2015


In this case the article belongs to the sisters, not the mother - literally "the sisters of my mother" - so the feminine plural article Le is needed.

November 1, 2016


In sudamerica we learno tue auxilia to he she and it is does

February 13, 2017


My aunts don't bogart the joint?

April 6, 2017


Why is "the sister of my mother doesn't eat chicken" not correct?

October 8, 2017


'the sister' = la sorella
'the sisters' = le sorelle

October 8, 2017


Mothers sisters?

December 16, 2017


Mother's. It needs an apostrophe in English.

July 29, 2018

  1. P. Sg. erfordert 'does', oder??
January 5, 2018


Why can't you just say "aunts"?

July 14, 2018


what is the difference between "mamma" and "madre"?! they have the same meaning!!

November 27, 2015


They describe the same person, but one is an intimate form of address, and the other is formal. You would not expect to read about President Obama's "mummy" would you? But clearly his mother is being spoken about.

November 1, 2016


"My aunts don't eat chicken".

March 1, 2019


My Aunt does not eat chicken should also be acceptable.

August 30, 2015


Well, le sorelle is plural whereas 'aunt' is singular

August 30, 2015


My mother's sisters are my maternal aunts!

There should not have to be a comment about this one. In English maternal aunts are more often used than mother's sisters but I accept that in Italian Le mie zie materne dis likely not as good as the above.

June 9, 2014


My mother's sisters are vegetarian :)

June 14, 2015


Everyone eats chicken, the universal white meat.

July 8, 2014


You must be a chicken farmer ... and not a vegetarian!

November 1, 2016


Do or does.. who gives a fu..? Same thing different names.

April 30, 2015
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