"Le sorelle di mia madre non mangiano pollo."

Translation:My mother's sisters do not eat chicken.

June 30, 2013

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Why can't we translate as follow : "The sisters of my mother do not eat chicken" instead of "My mother's sisters do not eat chicken" ? I'm French and for me both of them works,no?


Both of them technically work but I think they want you to make the connection between the "di" representing the " 's " in English. In English, it is much more common to say "My mother's sisters"


pooh, I'm learning Italian, sigh, but thanks for your reply on the question I wanted to ask too ... lol, my English improves because I learn Italian, hahahahaha


Mum is not a spelling mistake! It's british english!


mum is a translation of mamma, whereas mother is a translation of madre


However "mom" is acceptable!


Did you report it? Comments won't get to the ones that can change/add these terms


I am not native english. "My mothers sister" is she. So why it´s not "doesn´t"?

Sorry for the question about the english grammer here.


The subject is le sorelle ( 'the sisters') therefore the verb needs to be in the 3rd person plural ('don't').
All grammar questions are welcome :-)


Thanks. After 4 times wrong now I have seen the plural.


"Doesn't" is used in the singular form only. (example: 1:My mom doesn't eat chicken 2: She doesn't eat chicken 3: My friend doesn't eat chicken) Don't is used in the plural form or in the second person. (example: 1: Our priests don't pay taxes 2: My gay brothers don't use protection when fighting zombies 3: You don't have to report me, this is only educational!)


Sorella = sister (singular) Sorelle =sisters (plural)


Why it's di mia madre instead of della mia madre?


because della=di+la and in case of nouns indicating family members in singular we do not use the article before the possessif pronoun


Why can't I use "aunts" instead?


Because that's not what it says.


I agree. the English nonliteral translation of my mother's sisters is my aunts. Unless there is a word in Italian that means aunty


[EN] Aunt \ Aunts  = [IT] Zia \ Zie.
[EN] Auntie\Aunty = [IT] Zietta.
But, they could be either your father's or your mother's sisters, so...
(Or even the wives of your uncles.)


I have just two questions:

1 - Why can't this poor chicken have a minute of break?; 2 - In what cases I cannot use the possessive form with ('s) ?


The apostrophe comes after the s if the noun is plural. So you would spell it as my mother's sisters, and my sisters' mother. Or if you have two mothers you might spell it as my mothers' sisters.


It may sound silly, but im reading " the sisters of my mother do not eat chicken" if thats wrong, then please correct me. Cheers


I read "my sisters mother do not eat chicken"


There wouldn't be much use in referring to your sister's mother, unless you were step- or half- siblings... I don't think Duo is that advanced on Family 1.


That's what I put the first time and it was marked wrong!


when do you use an article before a noun I wrote il pollo


I believe in this case, the sentence is telling more that the aunts "don't eat [any] chicken" // not that they "don't eat [that] chicken". More of a general statement, rather than a refusal on a singular basis.


I start answering in english and unconsciously I end the answer in italian. Is this normal? Is it a bad or good sign in the learning process?

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Mothers sisters?


Mother's. It needs an apostrophe in English.


How would you distinguish between the aunts on your mother' side from the aunts on your father's side?


The same way you just did in English: "le zie da parte di mio padre" and "le zie da parte di mia madre" :-)


You would say my maternal aunts or my paternal aunts. Otherwise, English does not make a distinction between sisters of the mother and father.


How do we say my mothers sisters instead of sisters of my mother? It just seams so extra complicated


That's how Italians say it! They use a lot of words!


Why is it 'My Mothers sisters' instead of 'The Mothers sisters' I thought Le was used with plural feminine words?


In this case the article belongs to the sisters, not the mother - literally "the sisters of my mother" - so the feminine plural article Le is needed.


My aunts don't bogart the joint?


Why is "the sister of my mother doesn't eat chicken" not correct?


'the sister' = la sorella
'the sisters' = le sorelle

  1. P. Sg. erfordert 'does', oder??


Why can't you just say "aunts"?


Short answer: Because that is not what it says...

Longer one:
"Le sorelle di mia madre non mangiano pollo." = "My mother's sisters..."
"Le mie zie non mangiano pollo." = "My aunts..."

[EN] Aunt \ Aunts  = [IT] Zia \ Zie.
[EN] Auntie\Aunty = [IT] Zietta.
But, they could be either your father's or your mother's sisters, so...
(Or even the wives of your uncles.)

If you want to convey all of the information in the original Italian sentence, you'd have to say:
My mother's sisters \ My maternal aunts \ My aunts on my mother's side
Or something like that.
Duo's choice is neither longer nor more cumbersome than the alternatives.


I only have the option of Italian words as the answer, but the answer is in English...?


Why don't they eat chicken? Im sure if they tried it they'd like it. Mama mia ya gots to be kiddin me ova here! Chicken is delicious


The sentence translates to: "Mum's sisters don't eat chicken." Yet it's consistently marked incorrect.


Except that Mum (mom) and Mother
have two different words in Italian...

[EN] Mother   = [IT] Madre.
[EN] Mum (Mom)⠀⠀= [IT] Mamma.
[EN] Mummy (Mommy) = [IT] Mammina.

Also, you assumed that the fact that it's your mum is obvious,
but the Italian sentence does specifically say "My mother's".


Mum's isnt accepted? Im English, and the word mum is English!


Because the Italian words is "Madre", not "Mamma" • [EN] Mother   = [IT] Madre. • [EN] Mum (Mom)⠀⠀= [IT] Mamma. • [EN] Mummy (Mommy) = [IT] Mammina.


"The sisters of my mother" is the same as my mother's sister!


"The sisters of my mother" = my mother's sisters,
You forgot to pluralize the sisters.
Maybe that is the mistake.


Don't and do not are the same.


What is the reason that you can't accept don't instead of do not


If there is no other difference between your answer and Duolingo's,
(typo or something else)
then you should report it as "My answer should be accepted".


Shouldn't "The Sisters Of My Mother" Be Accepted?


I'd like to know what they eat. This same sentence about milloin times. Give me a break


Folks: The sisters' of my mother is what it says. When literal translation is rejected, although we find it clunky, it is disturbing to those trying to learn a language. Please include.


Why I can't say "Sisters of my mother do not eat chicken"?


Sorry sisters is plural


In the lesson the audio is pronounced Le but the word sister is pronounced Sorella. Please repair.


This happens a lot in Duolingo. I'm getting the impression that Italians (of which I am one) have a very loose approach to pronunciation. Un & una, del and delle, et al., sound the same


I find this comment of yours very peculiar, especially if you are a native speaker.
Italian is not a stressed-timed language: it is a syllable-timed language. The difference is rather important: it is English that "swallows" the non-stressed syllables.
Besides, the skills of hearing and pronouncing the vowels in a distinct manner is paramount to Italian, as it is the foundation on which its gender-based system is built.


Yes trying to relearn a language in my family for thousands of years, abandoned to become "American" is no easy road when pronunciation is as casual as it is in some of these lessons. My German (Scientific requirement) is no help either.


Not sure if it is an issue with your system (PC, mobile..?) but I clearly hear le sorelle. Maybe your ear needs more training to recognize Italian sounds? If Italian is not your native language, your brain will try to narrow down the sounds to a familiar set, and that may lead to incorrect comprehension.
Practice, practice, practice is the key, the same way you would with a different grammar structure.


The lesson audio, in the Duo training, was male but the one above is female. My ear is fine as is my brain. You're admonition is condescending without foundation. At least do "due diligence" before commenting.


If your ear is fine, than your system is not.
I was not trying to be condescending: I was just saying that the audio sounds fine and I don't really understand on what basis you claim it is not since you are not a native speaker.
My "foundation" is that I am a native speaker.


The problem is audio problems are not consistent, that alone says it is not in the ear or system but the pronunciation. Foundation means facts not assertion. My friends and family are native speakers in English but if we got 5 together you would understand none of them while I would have to translate English to English all day and night.


Why is "non mangiano il pollo" incorrect? I swear i have seen "chicken" (not "the chicken


In sudamerica we learno tue auxilia to he she and it is does


How many more times will we see this sentence!!! I am sick of the chickenless aunts!


There's no typo in "my mum's sisters don't eat chicken". I'm using actual English applicable to every country that actually speaks it.


There is no typo but you are using an incorrect translation.
'Mum/mom/mommy' = mamma. The word used here is madre which translates as 'mother'.


I put "My mother's sisters don't eat chicken". It was marked wrong. That's crazy!


If you encounter this again, you can report it as "My answer should be accepted". Here's a link to how:


It seems that Duolingo wants more literal answers, even though you probably wouldn't say "my mother's sisters" in English. But "my aunts" could also mean my father's sisters, so technically Duolingo is correct.


the word "pollo" has a wrong pronunciation (as well as "torte", "passano" and several others). Please choose voice actors with correct pronunciation, without dialectal influences


You repeat too much the same questions


Please get new scripts. You repeat over and over and ovet the same


Ugh... I put ''My sisters's mother do not eat chicken". I knew that sounded wrong, but hey, the sorelle came before the madre, so I'm confused, lol


Yeah, In Italian, And I believe all other Romance languages, Possessives are usually expressed as "The [Item(s)] of [Person]", Rather than "[Person]'s [Item(s)]", Like in English, It can take a while getting used to, But it's not too hard.


Sister of my mom ! Isnt it acceptable also.. do I have to use my mother's sister?


sorelle -> 'sisters'
madre -> 'mother', not 'mom'


Should be my mother's sister does eat chicken not since they are talking about she (the sister ) and it is the third person singular present of the verb to do


sorella/sorelle = 'sister/sisters'
The Italian sentence has le (determinate article in its feminine and plural form) sorelle ('sisters', the plural of sorella) and the verb mangiano ('they eat'). Three markings for the plural.
I am afraid your translation is incorrect.


Le sorelle di mia madre non mangiano polo. This is what I have written, many times, and it is still marked wrong! I cannot move past it!


Le sorelle di mia madre non mangiano polo.

You forgot the double L in chicken - Pollo.
Duolingo only accepts a single typo that does not result in another word.


Do not is the same don't


What letters are you hidding?


Audio recognition does not accept the correct answer


That was a hard one ..to me

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