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How do YOU use Immersion?

How do YOU use Immersion? How long did it take you to become sufficiently good at making/correcting translations?

June 30, 2013



I don't use it at all. It think it doesn't work very well, unless you translate something that has never been touched by anyone before. Most of the times i just end up clicking on "sounds good to me", because someone else has already translated that part before me. I earn nothing at all by doing so, there's no way it would help me to memorize words without even making me write them.


I am only somewhat good on articles Duolingo suggests. Personally I can't stand that it shows me someone elses translation, I mostly end up correcting someones English sentance or just accept someones translation without even reading through the entire thing.


I use immersion when I am tired of lessons, to open up my mind to real stuff. Being French, the exercise of translating into English is tough and frustrating (my translations hardly ever remain unedited), but I pick articles that I like and I learn things on the way. Then I carefully look at edits from other learners, sometimes I edit them again when the French was not properly understood. And for a short while, I have been able to translate from English into French, which is extremely rewarding (intellectually).


Even though a passage may be translated does not mean it is ready for publication. I'm nowhere near ready to translate at level 9 German but I do know when an Eng. passage doesn't sound natural. When I find something that sounds wrong I try to work out the Ger. with the hovertext or dictionaries and write it in better style depending on the tone of the article. Sometimes I'm just stumped and check: "looks wrong" which sends up a flag to those better at translation to have another look. I've been an Eng teacher and translator (none of the languages offered on Duo) and recognize how important a second or third or twenty third opinion is for a proper translation. i put in a lot of time working on some seemingly easy articles (ever tried a fairy tale, not kids stuff believe me) and learn some Ger. above my current level. I wish I knew why the points seem so important. I'm in this to learn Ger. I find the Duo system works for me and costs nothing so to try to repay it with translations/or just editing for now is the least I can do.

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