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Concerning the English > Romanian course :)

Dear contributors, dear Romanian aficionados! :-)

I'm writing to seek some update on the progress (if any) of the EN>RO course! The last update in the Incubator dates back to 4 months ago and my eagerness to learn the language has remained unaltered! On this last update you guys said you were looking for contributors, but interested people like SebastianMolin still don't appear in the list of contributors. Is Duolingo staff responsible for choosing who contributes, or do they leave you the freedom to choose your co-contributors? Also, RO>EN has graduated from beta, but does it still require a lot of work from you guys, in terms of answering to users' suggestions and improvements? I suppose Duo staff expects you to polish the RO>EN course before actively engaging in the EN>RO course.

I know that the Incubator's remaining days calculator is completely unreliable because it's based on the number of completed words, and that this number is highly dependent on the list of words chosen for the course (Hungarian has been going up and down for the past weeks). However Romanian has been stuck at 6% for the last two months (to the extent that some redditers declared both this course and English to Polish as being officially "in Incubator limbo" ). Even Esperanto, which was added 2 months ago, already boasts an impressive 36%.

So I would like to know, if possible (I know it can be difficult to estimate), the status of this course. If the Incubator's estimation were to be accurate, I'd totally understand if you guys are having trouble at finding time to develop the course (it takes a time, and after all you're doing it for free! -for which you're absolutely awesome btw :) ), but if it gets too difficult to the point that the course development comes to a stalemate, it might be beneficial for everyone to notify Duolingo staff that you unfortunately can't deliver, and to pass the torch to others.

I'm eager to hear your opinions!

Thank you again for the awesome work, we're indebted to you!

Best regards,

November 13, 2014

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Alright, to answer your question...
I have officially joined the Romanian for English Speakers Incubator team, and because you guys are eagerly waiting for feedback, iv'e decided to give you some!
1) The course is "in the works", and you will see day by day progression from now on. I have made a commitment to work daily for a few hours, and I plan to do just that.
2) It's status... the course is as it seems, we are working to get more and more done, but it's far from finished, just as the percentage shows.
I will make a progress update, probably after a week or two of being in the incubator, because I want to get used to all it's features first!


Those are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G news. Really. It's so great to know that there's someone motivated on board. The question remains as to why it took them so long to welcome you in the team, but what matters now is the future!

I know I can't be of much help, but if you need anything, please ask!

Also, does this mean the Memrise course you started will stay as it is right now?

Good luck with everything!!


Haha, no, I will add things to the memrise course from time to time, but I want this course to progress, so I will work in it more :)


In the last AMA on Reddit, someone asked Luis Von Ahn himself:

Redditer: - Hello Luis! Do you know what happens when languages in the incubator are created but seem to never start development (example: Romanian for English, Polish for English)? Luis: - They become sad. We become sad. It's just sad.

WHAT is this answer supposed to mean? It's a non-information, we don't know if they stopped developing it or anything :/


Same here, profoundly interested in the course and I would like to know what it's the current status :)

Thanks for the hard work!


No one is answering, I don't know what seems to be the problem...it's very frustrating


I want Romanian...

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