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Easy-to-Understand Books Can Help You Learn!

I want to share a website with all of you. It is called:


This website offers children's books in multiple languages which are easy-to-understand and can help a lot with learning a language. I hope you all enjoy it!

June 30, 2013



Thank you for the fantastic link!


I previously commented on the portuguese pronunciation in these videos, but have come to realise I'm not sure anymore. The "de" and "direção" sounds like it is pronounced the brazilian way, but then the "s" on the end of words sounds like it's pronounced the european way (and there is instances of european grammar eg "sentou-se" as opposed to "se sentou"). Soooo.... I dunno.


There are specific grammar rules for when to use 'sentou-se' (enclisis) or 'se sentou' (proclisis) in Portuguese, it does not matter if it is Brazilian or European. The only difference is, sometimes, Brazilian speakers use the proclisis instead of enclisis in informal speeches (talking, internet etc.), that is grammaticaly wrong, but acceptable. You just should never write like that, in school or work, for example.

I checked the video and noticed that the story is told by a Brazilian, with an accent from Rio or somewhere around it. People from Rio pronounce the 's' in the end of the words as people from Portugal, differently from the other Brazilians. About the proclisis and enclisis thing, the woman is just using perfect grammar. :)


Thanks for clearing that up!


Aw, no Italian? Looks very useful, though.


very nice! thanks! :)


Will check this out.


Great site, but what level on Duo do you need to be to be able to read these properly? As i am struggling or is that part of the challenge, i was thinking of translating the German to English and then comparing that to the English version.


I'm still very early in learning Spanish. But I wanted to look at the books and see how much I can figure out. And I have concluded that I have A LOT more to learn! haha


I saw a bullying Tyrannosaur eating leaves! See what vegetarianism can do to you?

...And it's a great resource. Thankye!


I've just had a look at the German selection. You are right, the language in them is a lot easier to understand compared with what I have been trying to read. Thank you for the link. However, I think I might get a bit tried of the stories after a while. Perhaps I should printed some of them off and show them to my grandson. It would be good for him to see that books can be in languages than English and might it get him on to learning another language.


merci beaucoup Paul .


Thanks, I will check this put.


Thanks, I find that helpful.


Thanks for sharing with us!


Thanks, that's neat! I've been getting the Read to Me kids books for my Nook. They have a decent number of Spanish ones, but not much for other languages.


Thank you for the site.


Thank you, brilliant link


Thank you very much. I have been looking for something like this ever since I started Duolingo.


thanks, I was looking for something like this


But no Italian, sadface.


I would like to find a quality children's book in Spanish. I don't care if it's online or not. In French, just about a perfect book is Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince), by Saint-Exupéry. Does anyone know of a 'comparable' book in Spanish, or a website that discusses good Spanish children's books (with the discussion preferably in English, alas).

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