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Attention Bug : The Timer can be made to go insane with "Skip This Question" option.

The Practice page (strengthening overall skills ) with the timer in on position is affected by a bug.

Every once in a while, when a 'listening' question pops up, I skip it. But in doing so the timer that was running normally up until now starts showing garbage values. This behavior has been inconsistently occurring since quite some time now.

In the two screenshots posted below, mathematically the timer will run out in no less than 44 years.

Please check down this bug, dear technical team.

November 13, 2014



Lol I got that once while spamming the "Skip" button and was like "yesss"


I'm actually a fan of this glitch, because it allows you to read any comments or submit a suggestion without needing to stress. At the higher levels when there are less acceptable correct answers due to less people submitting "this should be correct" feedback on these levels and you can practice without the stress of losing all four of your hearts due to things like "somebody" being marked as incorrect but the correct answer is "someone".

I find it more encouraging to do the higher levels on timed practice because of the "you're not going to fail" aspect of them. Duo without the frustration. So for me, this glitch helps more than hinders.

That's my 2 cents.


wow! what kind of a super extra section is "words" next to "home" and "activity"? :D


These are all the words that you've learnt till now and their strengths. It shows the time since you encountered a sentence that had that word in it. Also there is an option of flashcards.

I guess that this update in design has been for all users as yet.


Apparently it's not available for me due to...actually I have no idea why. I was looking for an option to review the words I've been learning, so here comes the answer, but for some reason I don't have the "words" tab :( (as well as "immersion" one).


The changes in feature roll out slowly among the users. I received it a month or so back although many users have had it since 2 months. Like the 'coach', this too will reach you soon.


THAT'S INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sometimes the audio doesn't work so I have to choose 'skip' and hope that the audio is OK on the next question. So that's what I did yesterday - and wow, I activated the crazy timer! It sure takes the challenge out of the timed practice!

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