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Unable to advance to next section

How many times do I have to repeat Basics 2 or Strengthen Skills in Spanish before I can advance to the next section called Food. At present everything after Basics 2 is greyed out.

November 13, 2014



Using the web interface: If you go into Skill Basic 1, Phrases and Basic 2 in turn, you will see the list of lessons for each skill. They should all have a tick against each lesson. If any lesson does not have a tick, then you will need to do or redo that lesson in order to unlock the higher skills.


Thank you so much for your reply. I see that one of the lessons in Phrases is not ticked, maybe because I have been doing some of my lessons on my PC at work (naughty!) and others on my I-Pad at home. Anyhow, I will now complete the unticked lesson and I'm sure all will be well. Many thanks for your help.


Just done the missing lesson and I can now see the next three sections. Thanks once again for your help.

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