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Missing lessons?

In Spanish ¨Verbs: Past¨ I have 11 lessons listed on the website but only 10 on the Android app. When I completed one on the web the app showed none as having been completed, when I completed a second one on the web the app showed 1 of 10 as having been completed.

This is also a problem on Irish in the Android app for me where Eclipsis is not available at all and prevented me from advancing until I did the lessons on the web. I have another thread on that with no replies.

Is this normal?

November 13, 2014



Go to duome.eu/TomMarshal1

Next to the incomete lessons, you can click the practice button.


Update: I did the second lesson on the app but now the web still only shows 2 lessons complete. Many of the questions in lesson 2 on Android were the same as lesson 2 on the web but some were new.

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