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mijn verjaarday is op zeven mei

I got the sentence "mijn verjaardag is op seven mei" to which I replied "my birthday is on the 7th of may' but it didn't accept 7th. I think the translation should accept the 7th because that is how Americans most commonly write out the name of the day.

November 13, 2014



Good point, I have seen errors like this for example "I have nine thousand dollars" which I reply to with "yo tengo 9000 dolares" I got it wrong even though again in English that is technically correct.


Sure, but that way you're not learning/practicing how to say 9000 in Spanish. I think it makes sense to not accept numerals when translating to your target language (Spanish, in your case).

I don't see the harm of accepting numerals in English sentences, which is what the original post refers to.


I guess you are right, but I don't think it works either way.


Btw I think you mean zeven in the Dutch sentence in your actual post (not title) and verjaardag in your title :) :)

That's probably because 7th would be translated as zevende and not zeven when referring to ordinal numbers :)

You could try reporting it as an alternative, although I'm not exactly sure if it's correct - a native is probably better at explaining why it may/may not be accepted :)

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