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Typing Answers in the Wrong Language

I have a habit of typing German when I'm meant to be typing English, and vice-versa.

Would like to suggest that when you give the correct answer in the wrong language it says, "Umm, no, please try again."

June 30, 2013



It does. When I have done that in the past a message came up that said something along the lines of "It seems you wrote in English" when I was supposed to type in German.


That's odd. I didn't notice that occurring the times I typed in the wrong language. Perhaps I got the answer wrong in either language? Ah well, will try to fail and see if I can get the message.


...will try to fail..

That's the spirit! ;-)


lol indeed! Tried it out. Found out that it does happen, when you have to listen and type what they say in German/Spanish/Klingon. It doesn't work, however, for other kinds of tests.


This is true, thankfully, but sometimes I am wroking my way through a sentence and I'll know all the words except the new one and I type out the words I know correctly translated, but the new word I just spell it out, I guess my mind is sounding out the word as a way to hook its pronunciation to the definition and so those two things get mixed up and I type the word instead of the translation. Rarely happens, but in those cases it would be nice, in the same way that the computer catches that a typo was made, that it recognizes you kept the word the same.


I really appreciate this feature! Sometimes I translate the sentence perfectly -- but I was supposed to be writing in the target language. It's great that they remind you and let you try again rather than just say that it's wrong.


This drives me absolutely crazy. Over and over again whenever asked to translate from German to English I end up typing in the German. I've heard it perfectly, understood it perfectly, and typed it perfectly, but it's the wrong answer. I do the same the other way too, but in the case of the latter Duo tells me my answer appears to be in the wrong language, whereas in the case of the former I just lose a heart. Mostly I catch myself doing it, but sometimes I don't, especially if I'm tired. Initially I asked one of my contacts if he made the same mistake, and sure enough he does. Clearly so are others. This type of mistake does not help in learning the language in any way; it's just annoying. It would be really nice if Duo could detect the answer is not in the right language in both directions.

For me Duolingo has brought back the fun into learning languages, and it is that fun element that keeps me not only persevering, but wanting to learn additional second languages. It is such a shame that it has an issue like this that spoils that fun.


it also gives me the chance to try again on the web interface, but not on the android app :(


It does when you are working on a PC, but not when working on an Android device

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