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Language conflict

Hey guys. I'm currently trying to learn French and Spanish simultaneously, however, pronunciation is vastly different for both languages. Especially because I have more experience with French than I do Spanish, I am finding it hard to roll my "r's" and such. Does anyone have any advice for the best way I can learn both without getting tripped up?

June 30, 2013



Focus on one language at the time. It's really the only advice i can give you, there's no way you are going to learn two languages at the same time. Especially if their basics are completely different. You will end up learning them both in a bad way, shooting your own foot.


my advice: learning 2 languages simultaneously is possible, but you need to pick 2 completely different languages, let's say German and French so that you won't mess up the pronunciation, spelling, grammar of both.

Choosing 2 closely similar languages such as French and Spanish or is just simply dangerous, they will throw you off because of their similarity. Imagine you rolling your tongue pronouncing the rr of "perro" in Spanish, then 2 hours later you have to use your throat to pronounce the rr of "pierre" in French!

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