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  5. "Vi læser en smule."

"Vi læser en smule."

Translation:We read a bit.

November 13, 2014



Could you use "en smule" and/or "lidt" to describe knowledge? For example, if somebody asks you "Taler du dansk?", could you reply "Jeg kender en smule."?


Yep. But normally we would say "jeg kan en smule/jeg kan lidt" not kender


So, "Jeg kan en smule" literally means "I can a bit" right? Will it be weird if I add "tale" in the sentence > "Jeg kan tale en smule"?


"Jeg kan tale en smule" is not weird.

If someone ask you "kan du tale dansk" and you want to answer with a whole sentence the answer could be "jeg kan tale en smule dansk" but in normal speech we drop words that isn't needed because of context. "Jeg kan tale en smule", "jeg kan en smule dansk", "jeg kan en smule" and "en smule" are as all the same reply just with dropped out words and would all be understood as "jeg kan tale en smule dansk"


That's quite clear, thanks a lot!


Is this 'we read a bit' as in a bit of literature or 'a bit' as in 'for a bit'?


It depends on context. I would normaly understand it as a bit of text.

"Vi læser lidt" can also be both but is mostly about time

Dane btw


I think as in 'for a bit' because the topic relates to time, but I'm not sure...


Agree! This is the dates and time lesson..


good question...i med my own reseach and I guess It applies to size mostly. Do you think so? thus according to this web=> http://ordnet.dk/ddo/ordbog?query=smule


One can also say: "Jeg taler en lille smule Dansk" :-)


Jeg læser en smule

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