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Time zone? (I'm in a new one but I don't think duolingo knows that...)

I first signed up for duolingo while studying abroad in China, but now that I am back home in the US, in EST, I've noticed that my day streak seems... weird. It often gives me credit for tomorrow in lieu of today. I suspect that it may be a time zone difference, as I tend to notice these changes in point allocation around noon.

Is there any way to reset my time zone? I can't seem to find a place to do it in the settings.


November 13, 2014



I recommend talking to support about this. Sadly, you can't change your time zone yourself. You can post on an admin's stream or you can ask your question by clicking on the "Support" tab on the far right of your screen. Hope this helps :)


Thank you so much! I just sent them a message. :)


Great! Glad to help!

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