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  5. "Mein Sohn hat ein Boot."

"Mein Sohn hat ein Boot."

Translation:My son owns a boat.

November 13, 2014



Shouldn't this be "my son has a boat"? There is a distinction between having and owning. If you're at a resort and are using one of their boats you would say "mein Sohn hat ein Boot" but he wouldn't own it.


You are correct, but ... :)

We aren't that rigorous in German here. etwas haben can also mean etwas besitzen.

Depending on the context you will find for example Ich habe Geld. more often than Ich besitze Geld.


My son has a boat is perfectly accepted English in normal conversation. It should be accepted.


That is an accepted translation.


Why doesn't "My son has a boat" work here?


Why doesn't "My son has a boat" work here?

Did you have a listening exercise rather than a translation exercise?


It is a translation exercise with no choice of words other than the words given by DL.


Why is it Hat ein Boot and not Hat einen Boot? In a previous example, it was Grosvater hat den Pass Can someone explain the discrepancy with the verb Haben? (maybe there's something I am missing, both sentences are allowed depending on the context but I would still appreciate any insight :) )


It is "ein" instead of "einen" because Boot is a neuter noun, not masculine. It might be a good idea to brush up on the accusative case before continuing on.


Mein Sohn besitzt ein Boot.

Could this do?


"My son owns a boot" sounds like you're bragging about your son. You don't have to say if he owns it or not...that's not your business. Even if he "owns it" and has the title to it, that doesn't mean he owns it outright...the bank could own 90% of it.

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