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Idea: The ability to turn off the text for spoken examples

While this may not be advantageous for interpreting written text, if Duolingo decides to extend its reach to spoken words, if feel this would be an advantage. I find my listening comprehension improves if I avoid looking at the text when interpreting spoken passages. It would be helpful to be able to turn off the text for these passages, since it isn't always easy to avoid seeing the words, particularly when I have to replay the passage.

June 30, 2013



Thanks. Any other ideas on how to improve speaking skills (vs. written/grammatical skills)?


How would I contact people who would like to skype in a language. I am learning Italian and speak English. My skype name is Haydenbob1


Grand suggestion. My ability to read and write Spanish forges ahead but my speaking/listening, especially listening, lags behind. The more practice with speaking and listening the better.


here's my skype leoroschi... so you can speak spanish with a spanish native speaker, I'm looking for improoving my english and portugues. Thx. ^^


great suggestion trionat


It's actually a good idea, you have a like


I have cd's and they are so so. The best experience is talking to someone live. I like to skype and do this with native Italian speakers. This is difficult to do on a steady basis however. see my comment below if there are english students from Italy. Mt skype name is Haydenbob1. Avete una buona giornata.

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