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  5. "Do you sleep on the bed?"

"Do you sleep on the bed?"

Translation:Você dorme na cama? Vocês dormem na cama?

June 30, 2013



'Sleep on the bed' is not a usual english sentence. It has a distinct feel of 'on top of' instead of just sleeping in bed. So I translated it to dormir em cima da cama... which is not something you will say every day in Portuguese.... My point being that the English should be standard too. Cheers :)


How is voces songular?


Vocês is plural. Vocês dormem is also possible.


Sometimes I'm at a disadvantage being from an English-speaking region where "you" is not used very much by itself as a plural. :)


I love how they have "tu dormes na xicara" as an option...I wouldn't put it past duo to actually have that as a sentence :P hehe


Isn't "se deitar" and "dormir" the same thing


No. Se deitar = lay, then you dont need necessarily to sleep


"Você dorme na cama?" was not an option for me. It only had the plural 'Vocês' option. I don't think the plural option works as it would be "do you all sleep on the bed" in English.


It could be a couple sleeping on the bed. Why would that nor work? "All" suggests a larger group which isn't necessarily what "vocês" means.


I guess being from Texas makes this translation a bit more difficult for me. We would use the contraction "y'all," which means "you + all" to refer to more than one person. Or in Toronto, where I reside now, we would say "you guys" or "you two." I've never used "you" to refer to multiple persons.


Here "we sleep IN our beds"

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