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Reporting problems iOS app

I just made it past the final checkpoint! While I'm really happy that the Irish course is available in the app now, it seems that I can't report problems and I've been encountering quite a few in the upper levels. IS there a report feature I'm not aware of? If not, I'm wondering if the best option is to save learning new units for when I'm using the web version and use the app for review.

November 13, 2014

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Congrats! Almost there!

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to report problems in the app.

I don't think saving new units for the web is the best option. This feature (or lack of it) shouldn't stop you from learning wherever and whenever you want. My suggestion: When you encounter sentences with problems on your app, make note of it somewhere. The next time you go to the web version, look for that sentence in the Irish sentence forum:


and discuss it there. It's not exactly the same as instantly reporting problems, but that's one way you can get your point across.

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