"Literature has its own rules."

Translation:La letteratura ha le sue regole.

June 30, 2013

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Is there a way to use "proprio" for "its own" in this sentence? Forse "Letteratura ha le regole proprie"? Or is that "the rules themselves"? Google translate seems happy with it but I know that doesn't count for much.

And is "sue" really "its own" or is this another broken translation?


DL accepted my "la letteratura ha le proprie regole"


I'm with you. "le sue regole" is "its rules" (or his rules, or her rules); you need proprio (proprie) in there. I'm going to use gordon_gregory 's wording, especially if it is accepted.


I'm getting really confused as to when to put the definite article with these abstract nouns. Earlier I was marked incorrect for translating the abstract 'music' as 'la musica'. Now I put letteratura and am told I have to put 'la letteratura' (which is what I thought it should be in the first place!)...

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