This is what they said it was. The wild duck, the pivert, the Pinson, Merle and Batty have femelles to plumage more dour than them. This is what I think it should be The wood duck, woodpecker, finch, blackbird and sparrow females have drab feathers on them. And I'm wrong!

10/8/2012, 1:35:35 AM

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Without knowing the source of this translation(?) no one can comment.

10/8/2012, 11:34:03 AM
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Thanks, you are right, except for maybe a couple of the names; it could just be a regional thing. I would suggest: "The feathers of the female wild duck, green woodpecker, chaffinch, blackbird and sparrow are drabber than the male's." but your's is certainly a lot better than the original. If it's a translation, all you can do is suggest your own (if the sentence is still open) and downgrade the poorest of what's on offer.

10/8/2012, 8:48:06 PM

Sorry, I didn't think of that. Here it is. "Le canard sauvage, le pivert, le pinson, le merle et le moineau ont des femelles à plumage plus terne qu'eux."

10/8/2012, 3:53:56 PM
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