This is what they said it was. The wild duck, the pivert, the Pinson, Merle and Batty have femelles to plumage more dour than them. This is what I think it should be The wood duck, woodpecker, finch, blackbird and sparrow females have drab feathers on them. And I'm wrong!

October 8, 2012


Without knowing the source of this translation(?) no one can comment.

Thanks, you are right, except for maybe a couple of the names; it could just be a regional thing. I would suggest: "The feathers of the female wild duck, green woodpecker, chaffinch, blackbird and sparrow are drabber than the male's." but your's is certainly a lot better than the original. If it's a translation, all you can do is suggest your own (if the sentence is still open) and downgrade the poorest of what's on offer.

Sorry, I didn't think of that. Here it is. "Le canard sauvage, le pivert, le pinson, le merle et le moineau ont des femelles à plumage plus terne qu'eux."

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