"This means that it is possible to research the roots of words."

Translation:Ciò significa che è possibile ricercare radici di parole.

June 30, 2013

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The Italian Duolingo writers are simply wrong here. 'Quello' is that, they asked for this. I put 'Questo' and it wasn't accepted. Also, they inserted 'pure' which was not at all called for by the English. Booooo. E mi togliono i cuoricini!


Bad luck. I used "Vuol dire" avoiding your problem and DL accepted it.


They've changed it since I wrote that comment... now it says "Ciò" instead of "Quello". But I notice another mistake ... the article is "le" missing: it should say "... è possibile ricercare le radici di parole". Cosa posso dire... pazienza! Adesso che uso Duo di più, non me ne frego molto se perdo un cuoricino ogni tanto! ;)

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