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Lessons Learned Offline on iOS Do Not Sync.

Lessons that I have learned while out of wifi/data zones aren't syncing when I get back online. For instance, I completed four lessons in my French tree while on my way home, yet when I got home only two had been completed. Last week, I completed two and it showed I had done none. Why is that?

I am using an iPhone 5 with iOS 8.1 and the DuoLingo app at version 4.1.2.

November 13, 2014



I don't know why that would be happening, but I do know other people are having problems syncing their iPad to their computer, maybe they are connected? I hope you find a solution! Sorry I couldn't be more help :(


You need to open the app again when connected to wifi (don't remove it from running the background before you do this).


I do that, and it still does not show. It acknowledges that I did contribute to my streak, however not that I completed new lessons.


Do you then go to the website and see if it comes up? I've done it without the website, and it does not sync, but once, I brought up the website and opened the app around the same time, and it worked.

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