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"Sono contento che lui giochi di pomeriggio e non di sera."

Translation:I am happy he plays in the afternoon and not in the evening.

November 14, 2014



In this sentence, does the use of the subjunctive imply that he doesn't necessarily play in the afternoon or evening yet, but that the speaker would be happy with that eventuality?


I would rather think that he formerly played in the evening but has changed his schedule. Your interpretation would also require a conjunctive in the main sentence.


I put I am happy he plays in the afternoon And not the evening but was penalised for omitting the second 'in'


Why is "I am delighted" wrong? How would you say that in Italian?


Why is "They are happy that he plays in the afternoon and not in the evening." wrong?


That would be "Sono contenti (or contente) ..." Here it's 'contento' (singular, masculine) thus "I am ..."


Mustn't it be "plays" and not "play"? It just said plays is wrong...

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