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  5. "What does she have?"

"What does she have?"

Translation:Cad atá aici?

November 14, 2014



This whole exercise is an absolute nightmare. The only time i get it right is when i copy from screenshots or madly guess. No reason is ever given for any of these sentence forms. Seriously considering giving up.


Don't give up! Look at references elsewhere and work through the program. No pain no gain and believe me...I do feel your pain!


Thanks for your encouraging words. Have a lingot!


The hover hint suggests "cad an bhfuil aici?". There was no mention of "Cad atá aici?" in the hint at all! What is the difference, and how can I remember it in the future?


First off, you should report it as incorrect hints. Second, you won't ever have céard (cad) an bhfuil. It would be a bhfuil. And the difference is the two types of relative clauses in Irish. It's best just to stick with atá after questions, in general.

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