"तुम रात में पढ़ते हो।"

अनुवाद:You read at night.

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In hindi the verb पढ़ना is used both senses- 'to read' and 'to study' so i think when we have the sentence like- तुम रात में पढ़ते हो

we should accept the both translation. The literally translation of " you read at night" and the translation having other sense--" you study at night."

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I agree... This santance should be right "You study at night."

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actually there is a bit difference between study and read,, the word study is often used with our course related things.like our school books. but we never use the word "study" while reading a newspaper and a novel..

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If "You study at night" is wrong then what will be hindi translation of "you study at night"?

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