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  5. "The dog is yours."

"The dog is yours."

Translation:Hunden er din.

November 14, 2014



How was i supposed to know its jeres and not din dit i havent seen that before..


Hum about jeres or din it is difficult to say, but betwen din or dit, in this case you use din because its en hund, if where for exemple water that we use et, like et vand you should use dit.

[deactivated user]

    I think maybe it's because dine is for plural nouns and the dog is singular. I got it wrong too, I don't even know what jeres means


    Why din and not jeres?


    To me it happened the opposite, I said din and it was jeres :/


    UPDATE: It says "the dog", which translates as "hunden". The choice "Hund er din" is wrong bc it is "Hund", not "Hunden". The mistake is not in the din/jeres part, but whether it says "dog" or "the dog". Quite tricky :)


    Same question: why din and not jeres, please Duolingo make the correction!


    Please can someone explain the difference between a common gender and a neuter gender?


    %25 of words in danish are neuters and you should consider them as et nouns . There is no rule that you can distinct a noun is neuters or common

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